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About the Corner

 I would like to take a moment to introduce myself as well as The Collective Corner. My name is Les Boyd and I have worked in a manufacturing environment for over 30 years. I am well versed and knowledgeable of all facets of manufacturing with a focus on providing a quality product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. My current role is that of Assembly Operations Manager of a 60 plus million dollar a year compressor manufacturing facility.  I achieved this role through dedication, hard work and  helping people to believe in themselves.

 Many of you probably know me as the guy that ships all of the goodies from iScreamPins.com, a company that my Son and I started in April 2016. It has quickly gained steam and is now to a point we cant keep product on  the shelf due to selling out in less than two minutes. Not that this is a bad thing but because of the dedication of our fans and the love of art, we want to bring you as many opportunities for you and artist alike to share new exciting products with nothing less than the quality and customer service you have always received from iScreamPins.com.

 The Collective Corner will be featuring products in the store from artists around the globe that share the same passion in creativity as you do in collecting. All available products can be found in The Corner Store

 Be sure to check The Corner News for updates and The Corner Collective for feature artists bio's.

 Thank you sincerely for your patronage and support of the art community. Feedback is always welcome. 

 For more information on products and services available please contact me via email at  lesboyd@thecollectivecorner.com